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Eduardo Pérez

(Head of room)

Born in Sigüenza in 1979.. He completed his studies at the prestigious school of hotel management in Zaragoza (Miralbueno)

In his years of studies, he did his first stage at the restaurant “Zalacaín”, under the orders of Custodio Zamarra and José Jiménez Blas
Later in the Ritz hotel, regional cuisine competition. He does his internship at the “Flambé” restaurant in Zaragoza
Winner of the 2nd prize in the national cocktail contest of the year 2000. Take sommelier courses at “La Filoxera” (Zaragoza)
In June 2001, he took the reins of the family business together with his brother Enrique, giving a 180 ° turn to the style and management of both the hotel and the restaurant and the new era of the Pérez brothers began.
In 2002, Eduardo inaugurated the “Doncel” winery with more than 340 references and both the living room and the kitchen were renovated with the youthful, quality and prestigious touch with which they want to represent themselves. From then until today, the “Doncel” has been awarded numerous prizes
In January 2020, an intense architectural reform and a new interior decoration is undertaken, renewing the atmosphere of the restaurant

Believing in ideas and carrying them out, does not involve risks if they are clear...

Eduardo Pérez


La Sala de el doncel está dirigida por Eduardo Pérez
To understand the customer well, the kitchen has to understand and go out into the room, listen to the customer, know how to sell and make him enjoy a unique experience in the establishment
From the moment the client enters the door, you have to receive them with the best smile and analyze each profile to see what we are facing
Each table is different, each client is different and in the room we have to have our point of psychologists, psychiatrists, be good public relations and above all be credible.
The union of kitchen and living room opens a range of possibilities and results in a surprising experience in flavors and textures
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